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What types of jobs do you offer?

Our jobs range from warehouse and assembly to administrative and technical. It all depends on what positions our client partners are looking for at the moment.

Do you offer Job Placement Services?

We are not a job placement service, we truly seek a partnership between our client and our employees to be sure fulfilling jobs are available and clients can get connected to great people.

Are there any fees for placing me in a job?

No. We do not charge our candidates or employees any fees for placing them in jobs. Our fees are charged to our client partners.

Do I need to keep applying for open positions or do you have me on file?

No, we have your information in our database and continually search our database first when a position becomes available. We do request that you check-in if your availability changes at any time.

If I am placed at a company, do I work for the company or Infinium Staffing?

For most temporary assignments, you technically work for Infinium Staffing, but your hours, working conditions, pay level, and day-to-day direction are provided by our client partners.

How long do I work as a temp before I can get hired permanently?

Assignments all depend on the client partner’s needs for that position. Usually, our client partners have agreed to a 90-day period where our employees are unavailable for direct-hire, but we offer flexibility on an as-needed basis.

What is the pay for the jobs you offer?

Typically most jobs in our region fall between $14 and $20, but it all depends on the position, experience, skills, and business needs of our client partners.

Do you offer health insurance?

Yes. Our health insurance is available after 60 days as well as other benefits including dental, vision, and life insurance.

What if I don't like the job you place me in?

We always consider our employee's partners. If you’re unhappy in a position, we ask that you simply communicate with us before making any changes. We may be able to make adjustments or move you to a different department or client partner.

Do you offer any referral fees for bringing in people I know?

Yes. We have a referral program in place for bringing in candidates that are successfully hired at one of our client partners.

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