We're more than just staffing

Our team of hiring and HR experts can help you with every aspect of employment.

Small Business HR services since 2014

Founded in 2014, Infinium helps small business owners manage the challenges of employment and improve their business success potential through better people management.

We believe in being a local presence and providing a high level of customer support to help our clients be successful.

The Infinium HR vision includes using the latest technology and maintaining a cohesive and dedicated team to deliver close support and expert assistance.

We understand small business

Technology has transformed the way Payroll and HR providers deliver their services, human resource management still requires human-driven expertise, and sometimes that requires face-to-face interaction.

Infinium’s vision is to continue to provide the right balance of human support and technology to meet business owners where they are in their stage of growth.

We don't just rent software at Infinium.

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We're committed to our values and beliefs

  • Endeavor to meet our client’s needs before they are aware they need help
  • Put our clients first above corporate rules and procedures – no cookie-cutter approach
  • Take the time to serve our clients where they are, even during non-traditional working hours
  • Never forget who pays the bills
  • Give more value than we could ever possibly charge for
  • Always provide our service with a smile and a great attitude
  • Explore every resource to meet client needs that might be outside our wheelhouse
  • Respect and appreciate our vendors and partners as they helped us get where we are

People Driven Staffing

At Infinium, we believe staffing is all about people. It's not about filling orders or sending "warm bodies" to our clients.

We take the necessary time to understand your needs, your business culture, and your timeline. We then expend that same care with our candidates, to make sure we understand their goals and objectives.

The end result is making sure the placements we make are a good fit for both clients and employees. That's the only thing that counts...results.

Talk to a recruiting specialist today

Our staffing and recruiting services are designed for small business. Our recruiting specialists will discuss your needs and devise a plan that works for you

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